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Painted figures from Mantic’s Deadzone universe.

Rebel Strider

A week off work. πŸ™‚

I spent part of Sunday building and base-coating the last of the Strider models I had. This one is for the Rebel Deadzone force. I had a couple of hours Monday evening painting and nearly have it finished.

Pics of the work in progress are shown below.

Strider built – Even after cutting as many mold lines off, you still find more. 😦
I tried to build it so it looked like it was moving fast – the other 2 I built looked very stationary.

Basecoated with Army Painter spray Gun Metal.

Some base layers painted on – prior to any washes.

Now washed with some more base layers on.

Nearly complete. I just need to get out when the weather is better to varnish spray it to protect it, then a layer of matte varnish spray. I’ll then re-do the Gloss canopy and get some wet blood onto the chainsaw. When I do, I’ll take some better photos.

Work Strikes Back

I’ve hardly had time to do any painting or work on minis for weeks now. Last night I did get chance to sit down in front of the TV and build some figures though. I built up 3 boxes of Deadzone figures. All Forgefathers. The Forgeguard booster, the Brokkr booster and the Support booster. That gave me all the figures from the card set except for the Warpath Huscarl figure and the Iron Ancestor.

I’ve decided to go with the same orange colour for the Brokkrs that mantic went with, but to give a good complimentary colour to them, I went with a bright blue armour for the Forgeguard. This should fit nicely with my other Deadzone as the Plague are primarily pink/brown/black combo, then Enforcers are Red/grey and the marauders will be brown/Black/Green. It means on the game board, the figures will be easily identifiable.

Anyway, all I’ve managed so far was base coat spraying them. I have the smaller Frag-ram and one forgeguard being painted for a test so they’re not in the photo.

They’ll get finished one day….

Marauder Guntrack Pt 2

I thought I’d get more chance to paint over the Christmas break. No such luck. The Deadzone Marauder Guntrack I started on has had an hour or so painting time. I still haven’t managed to even start on the driver or loader. Hopefully, there’s two pics below showing its two different gun systems.

I did however get a set of 10 Mantic wraiths for Christmas. I’ve put them together, built a movement tray for them. Drilled magnets into their bases and discovered just how tough restic is (even to a Bosch drill). I’ve always wanted to try one of those Lord of the Rings Undead army style paint jobs that were the in thing for a while, but I’ve never had any figures to try this out on. So on the wraiths, I decided to go with the ghostly look. I know they look knocked up quickly, but it allowed me to try out a different paint style. From bagged bits in a box to as they are in the photo below, they still probably took the best part of 4 or 5 hours for the unit.

Up next are 3 more Mantic werewolves I got for Christmas… Now if only I could remember the colour mixes I used on the last three I painted. Typical.

Marauder Guntrack

Work’s been a nightmare recently. 60-70 hours a week for the past few weeks.
It’s meant I’ve had very little chance to do anything other than the 3 KoW werewolves I painted quickly and a few movement trays sorted.

Deadzone seems to have been on the backburners, but the other day, my wife got me a Marauder Guntrack for my birthday so I decided to play around building it. πŸ™‚
I wanted both gun options – as I always like to do with models. The easiest option here seemed to be crafting the turret base with plasticard.

So, the pic below shows how I crafted a piece so both gun turrets fit – and are magnetised. The driver has also had magnets drilled in so he can be removed. Now the thing will fit nicely into the space I had in my carry case.
Hopefully I’ll get it painted up over the Christmas holidays. In the photo, I hadn’t even sorted out the mold lines.

Sunday Afternoon

I had chance today to finish off the last of my Enforcers. I’d been putting off doing these 3 figures (the Engineer, the Burst Laser and the Rocket Launcher) for 2 reasons. One, the production on these 3 figures was pretty lousy. Quite a lot of mouldlines and lost details in important places – like the faces. Secondly, I can’t see myself using them much in the game anyway.

After these, next up for a break in Deadzone are a few more Zombicide figures. I’ve already painted about 70 Zombicide figures, and want to get a few more done before my Kickstarter for Season 3 arrives in February/March 2015.

The “dodgy” Enforcers:

Next up on the Paint table:

Deadzone Gameboard

Had to laugh… everytime I think of the phrase “Game board” it makes me think of Moss in the IT Crowd. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I managed to take a photo of all the Deadzone scenery squeezed onto the game board. A little busy, but it is the full Deadzone box set along with a scenery upgrade kit doubling the number of building tiles.

I had to use the flash for the photo, so it’s not brill, but you can see how crowded it is. All ready for a Plague vs Enforcers game tonight. /Sigh. Saturday’s used to be about partying 😦

A rainy Saturday afternoon

As the wife and kid argued over monopoly, I took the time to finish off the final piece of Deadzone scenery that hadn’t been painted. Took longer than I thought. Black undercoat spray. Shadow grey striped over that, followed by 2 more sets of progressively lighter greys. Then a metallic sheen added followed by inks, washes and blood stains. Thank goodness it matched the rest of my scenery. πŸ™‚

I’ll post it in action if I get the rest of the gameboard out tonight.

Friday Night Painting

Sigh. Friday nights just aren’t what they used to be. I spent my evening painting while Agents of Shield was on for the family to watch.

I did manage to paint the base colours on the final remaining piece of scenery I have for Deadzone – I’ll try and finish it on Saturday. I did finish off the Chovar Psychic mercenary figure. I wanted to get it matte varnished but I daren’t risk it with this level of humidty. 😦

Chovar Psychic below:

First blog entry

After getting over a nasty 2 and half days of D&V, I decided to learn how to blog.

Hopefully, this blog will contain some of the figures I’ve been painting – and maybe a few shots of work in progress figures. At the moment, I’ve had a few hours in the evenings and a week off work to paint up some of Mantic’s Deadzone figures.

I’m not an expert painter – far from it. With a 60-70 hours a week job, a wife and a young lad, painting time is few and far between. I therefore aim to paint stuff fast and with really simple paint schemes.

I’m not sure how pics from Photobucket will show up here, so I’ll give it a try. I’m also learning how this WordPress thing works so menu’s and entries may change rapidly.