Rebel Strider

A week off work. 🙂

I spent part of Sunday building and base-coating the last of the Strider models I had. This one is for the Rebel Deadzone force. I had a couple of hours Monday evening painting and nearly have it finished.

Pics of the work in progress are shown below.

Strider built – Even after cutting as many mold lines off, you still find more. 😦
I tried to build it so it looked like it was moving fast – the other 2 I built looked very stationary.

Basecoated with Army Painter spray Gun Metal.

Some base layers painted on – prior to any washes.

Now washed with some more base layers on.

Nearly complete. I just need to get out when the weather is better to varnish spray it to protect it, then a layer of matte varnish spray. I’ll then re-do the Gloss canopy and get some wet blood onto the chainsaw. When I do, I’ll take some better photos.

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