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Marauder Guntrack Pt 2

I thought I’d get more chance to paint over the Christmas break. No such luck. The Deadzone Marauder Guntrack I started on has had an hour or so painting time. I still haven’t managed to even start on the driver or loader. Hopefully, there’s two pics below showing its two different gun systems.

I did however get a set of 10 Mantic wraiths for Christmas. I’ve put them together, built a movement tray for them. Drilled magnets into their bases and discovered just how tough restic is (even to a Bosch drill). I’ve always wanted to try one of those Lord of the Rings Undead army style paint jobs that were the in thing for a while, but I’ve never had any figures to try this out on. So on the wraiths, I decided to go with the ghostly look. I know they look knocked up quickly, but it allowed me to try out a different paint style. From bagged bits in a box to as they are in the photo below, they still probably took the best part of 4 or 5 hours for the unit.

Up next are 3 more Mantic werewolves I got for Christmas… Now if only I could remember the colour mixes I used on the last three I painted. Typical.

Marauder Guntrack

Work’s been a nightmare recently. 60-70 hours a week for the past few weeks.
It’s meant I’ve had very little chance to do anything other than the 3 KoW werewolves I painted quickly and a few movement trays sorted.

Deadzone seems to have been on the backburners, but the other day, my wife got me a Marauder Guntrack for my birthday so I decided to play around building it. 🙂
I wanted both gun options – as I always like to do with models. The easiest option here seemed to be crafting the turret base with plasticard.

So, the pic below shows how I crafted a piece so both gun turrets fit – and are magnetised. The driver has also had magnets drilled in so he can be removed. Now the thing will fit nicely into the space I had in my carry case.
Hopefully I’ll get it painted up over the Christmas holidays. In the photo, I hadn’t even sorted out the mold lines.


My first Mantic fantasy additions to my Undead army arrived. Like an excited kid, I built them straight away and painted them when the glue had dried. So, I guess they’re a tad rushed – but they fit in with the army well. The bases were done “old school” to match the stuff I painted 15 years ago. Nothing fancy like tufts. Just plan old painted sand with flock.

The photo’s are a little shiny. I think I need another coat of matte varnish. I must admit, I’m in the habit of spraying all figures with Halfords clear car lacquer. Very glossy and very heavy duty. It comes from playing games where individual models are handled a lot and it makes them nuke proof. I guess with fantasy figures it’s less necessary as they’re on movement trays, but it’s force of habit now. A coat or 2 of matte varnish afterwards helps remove the shine.

Changing the menus

Blimey. I didn’t think that would be such a pain. 😦

I decided to try and add sub-menus to this blog so it would be easier to divide up a little. It took a little longer than I thought, but I’ve managed to sort out a sub-menu system to put both my Deadzone and Kings of War pages into.

I finally decided I’d purchased my last Games Workshop model. I’ll complain more about the reasons why in another post when I feel the urge to get angry. At the moment I’m not going to, because I’ve discovered a far better game than Warhammer Fantasy, a game by Mantic called “Kings of War”. So, it’s time to dust off my old fantasy figures, sort them out to fit Kings of War and give them all a new lease of life. So you have a little perspective, I actually bought my first copy of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in 1984 with some Christmas cash I had. The rather tattered box set of 3 books still has a place on my bookshelf to this day. I’ve worked my way through every release to date, but the last 2 editions have barely had a game. It would seem Mantic’s games breath new life (and a a bit of speed) into the genre.

Photo’s of a few old painted units with the new magnetic bases to follow when I get time – hopefully at the weekend.