Work Strikes Back

I’ve hardly had time to do any painting or work on minis for weeks now. Last night I did get chance to sit down in front of the TV and build some figures though. I built up 3 boxes of Deadzone figures. All Forgefathers. The Forgeguard booster, the Brokkr booster and the Support booster. That gave me all the figures from the card set except for the Warpath Huscarl figure and the Iron Ancestor.

I’ve decided to go with the same orange colour for the Brokkrs that mantic went with, but to give a good complimentary colour to them, I went with a bright blue armour for the Forgeguard. This should fit nicely with my other Deadzone as the Plague are primarily pink/brown/black combo, then Enforcers are Red/grey and the marauders will be brown/Black/Green. It means on the game board, the figures will be easily identifiable.

Anyway, all I’ve managed so far was base coat spraying them. I have the smaller Frag-ram and one forgeguard being painted for a test so they’re not in the photo.

They’ll get finished one day….

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