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Photobucket… #sigh

Well, I was storing all my photos in neat folders on Photobucket.

Photobucket allowed me to use <img> tags to point this blog at them. I do pay for Photobuckets use, just as I pay for this blog. I don’t believe in freeloading and would often rather pay a small sum to be ad-free on most of the sites I use.

However, Photobucket changed their policy. There is no linking or embedding photos stored on photobucket unless you pay for their top package – which is $399.99 per year.

As a a part time blogger, mainly just wanting to put some more photo’s out there for the world, this is way too much. I only use 0.2Gb of my 10Gb space and my bandwidth use is maybe a dozen pics seen a day.

Pretty soon the pictures will vanish as web caches empty. Putting the photos elsewhere wouldn’t be a problem, but re-coding every page to point at the location of the newly placed images would be much more time consuming.

I guess it’s goodbye blog – unless Photobucket see the error of their ways. Businesses can probably afford $400 a year. But, like Adobe’s high annual fee software packages, small time non commercial folks can’t.

If I don’t post again, take care folks.

Maelstrom’s Edge and a freebie

Since my last update, I’ve finally decided on my colour schemes for a few more of my Maelstrom’s Edge models. The Karist Angels and Angel Minnows along with the Epirian forces.

Both schemes had to be pretty simple, taking a short while to do per model as well as be repeatable.

The Epirians were done with Halfords camo green spray as a base coat, then airbrushed with Vallejo German camo green. The beige colours are Vallejo German Beige with brown wash. The bot handler has had a female head in place of the standard head, mainly because… erm, I had some on the worktable and I just fancied painting something with hair 🙂 I think one of the characters near the end of the Maelstrom’s Edge novel Sacrifice was as well.

The Karist Angels were an odd thing. I didn’t plan on painting them, I was just undercoating them ready. I base coated them in black, then gave them a once over with the airbrush using purple, pink and a touch of white. I planned on leaving them for another day. However, the Games Workshop so called ‘Air paint’, even thinned down 50/50 with airbrush thinner caused the models to have a horrible powdery white look – I decided to Wash them in purple ink. Well, that more or less finished the look. A drybrush in pink and silver for the talons with black glossed skulls. Pretty easy to do and they’ll look fine on the game table.

Karist Angel

Karist Angel Minnows

Epirian Bot Handler and Spider Drones

With the “re-boot” of White Dwarf, Games Workshop gave away another free figure.This single sprue  with half a dozen pieces is meant to be £18. Rather costly considering it has mold lines all the way up the middle of it’s spiked legs making them difficult to remove without damaging the spikes. GW usually are the pinacle of design of plastic sprues, but putting mold lines here is annoying. Anyway, it’s now a piece of Frostgrave Scenery. My only annoyance was that the vitamin pill tub I attached it to, is slightly larger than the one for the last White Dwarf freebie statue I made.

It’s just one of those days

As the lyrics to a famous song once went…

It’s just one of those days
When you don’t wanna wake up
Everything is f***ed
Everybody sux
You don’t really know why
But you want justify
Rippin’ someone’s head off
No human contact
And if you interact
Your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away motherf***er
It’s just one of those days!!

It’s the first day of a week off work. The postlady arrives with the package from Mantic I was expecting. A set of Dungeon Saga furniture I was going to paint up for a game of Frostgrave this week. (Chests, weapon racks, bookcases etc). Opening the package, it’s a box of Dungeon Saga doors instead. 😦

So, I crack open my kickstarter of Deadzone Infestation veer-myn figures. First call, the exclusive kickstarter figure “The piper”. And…. it’s missing a piece.

Mantic: 2 – Me: Nil

So finally, as my lad was painting up some Roman legionnaires as Skyrim  Imperials and his Anglo-Saxons in Stormcloak colours, I decided to look into buying a SAGA rulebook and check that game out, only to find Gripping Beast have had printer problems and it’s out of stock (everywhere) for weeks/months.

I guess this music vid sums today up.

Normal service will resume after I’ve Broke stuff.

Changing the menus

Blimey. I didn’t think that would be such a pain. 😦

I decided to try and add sub-menus to this blog so it would be easier to divide up a little. It took a little longer than I thought, but I’ve managed to sort out a sub-menu system to put both my Deadzone and Kings of War pages into.

I finally decided I’d purchased my last Games Workshop model. I’ll complain more about the reasons why in another post when I feel the urge to get angry. At the moment I’m not going to, because I’ve discovered a far better game than Warhammer Fantasy, a game by Mantic called “Kings of War”. So, it’s time to dust off my old fantasy figures, sort them out to fit Kings of War and give them all a new lease of life. So you have a little perspective, I actually bought my first copy of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in 1984 with some Christmas cash I had. The rather tattered box set of 3 books still has a place on my bookshelf to this day. I’ve worked my way through every release to date, but the last 2 editions have barely had a game. It would seem Mantic’s games breath new life (and a a bit of speed) into the genre.

Photo’s of a few old painted units with the new magnetic bases to follow when I get time – hopefully at the weekend.

70 hrs a week of work

Well, the last 2 weeks have gone by in a daze as I’ve been working close to 70 hours each week. As a result I’ve barely done a single hobby related activity.

This Friday night I decided to forgo doing any work and made some movement trays for Kings of War.

I cheated this time and used bases made by Warbases. I ordered a batch of close order trays as by my calculations, they worked out just as cheap to have made and posted than to buy the plasticard and 3mm square doweling – not to mention the time It would take to build my own as I have in the past.

I used PVA glue on the edges to get the sand/grains glued to it. Allowed it to dry, then repainted the edges with watered down PVA glue. Once this had dried, a swift paint job of dark brown followed by drybrushes of light brown, bone and white. I then glued on green flock and some static grass. Not the method I use much anymore for bases, but I had to make sure the bases matched the Undead models that were going on them that I painted back in 1999-2002.

Most of the night was spent gluing small Neodymium magnets to the bases of my old figures and cutting sheets of 0.5mm self adhesive metal to fit the trays.

I was happy with the result – the wife wasn’t – there’s flock all over the place.

As you can see in the photo, the models fit the bases really well and the one sitting on it’s side show the models (even some of the old metal ones) stick to the magnetic base when turned upside down.