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Deadzone Walkways (Part 2)

A quick paint job on the walkways and stairs got them nearly finished. The photos were taken before I nuke-proofed them with Halfords Car Lacquer then matted it down with Army Painter Matt varnish spray. After that, I’ll add some smears of blood in a few places and gloss varnish the green pools to make them look wet again.

I kept the catwalk bases clear so they’d be easier to game on when figures are moving below.

Deadzone Walkways

I bought a few spare Deadzone scenery sprues from eBay because I wanted to add some extra walkways to the table. I wasn’t sure at first how to keep the walkways separate from the scenery. I needed something that would slip easily into the scenery storage box and at the same time give a load of options in game.

Anyway, I came up with the ones below. I’ll spray them and paint them today (fingers crossed for time)

End of the Hols

Here ends a week off work. 😦

I managed to finish off the Deadzone Ruins from the Contagion boxed set.

And then glued together most of the Iron Ancestor model. The arms are blue tacked on as I’ll paint them separately and glue them on in the end. Same with the base. I’ll paint it up then add the model to it.

I have managed to paint all 15 movement trays and cut the rubber steel sheet to fit them all. I just need to have time to add flock and static grass, then seal with varnish(es) before sticking in the rubber steel sheets.

Deadzone Gameboard

Had to laugh… everytime I think of the phrase “Game board” it makes me think of Moss in the IT Crowd. 🙂

Anyway, I managed to take a photo of all the Deadzone scenery squeezed onto the game board. A little busy, but it is the full Deadzone box set along with a scenery upgrade kit doubling the number of building tiles.

I had to use the flash for the photo, so it’s not brill, but you can see how crowded it is. All ready for a Plague vs Enforcers game tonight. /Sigh. Saturday’s used to be about partying 😦

A rainy Saturday afternoon

As the wife and kid argued over monopoly, I took the time to finish off the final piece of Deadzone scenery that hadn’t been painted. Took longer than I thought. Black undercoat spray. Shadow grey striped over that, followed by 2 more sets of progressively lighter greys. Then a metallic sheen added followed by inks, washes and blood stains. Thank goodness it matched the rest of my scenery. 🙂

I’ll post it in action if I get the rest of the gameboard out tonight.