Marauder Guntrack

Work’s been a nightmare recently. 60-70 hours a week for the past few weeks.
It’s meant I’ve had very little chance to do anything other than the 3 KoW werewolves I painted quickly and a few movement trays sorted.

Deadzone seems to have been on the backburners, but the other day, my wife got me a Marauder Guntrack for my birthday so I decided to play around building it. 🙂
I wanted both gun options – as I always like to do with models. The easiest option here seemed to be crafting the turret base with plasticard.

So, the pic below shows how I crafted a piece so both gun turrets fit – and are magnetised. The driver has also had magnets drilled in so he can be removed. Now the thing will fit nicely into the space I had in my carry case.
Hopefully I’ll get it painted up over the Christmas holidays. In the photo, I hadn’t even sorted out the mold lines.

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