Tanks if a really simply to pickup and play game by Galeforce9. If you’ve played X-Wing miniatures game, this is pretty similar. The main difference from X-Wing is the use of a measuring arrow to move rather than the guesswork dials. The dice are normal 6 sided instead of the X-wing dice with special symbols. The game is really cheap to get into, although the figures aren’t built or painted. They are however made in plastic that is of a base colour similar to the required paint colours so it can be played unpainted.

At rrp of £18 for the starter set with rules, dice, loads of cards and 3 tanks, and then an rrp of £8 per tank. It’s cheaper than X-Wing. I’ve been picking the game up for about £16 for the starters and £6.30 for the extra tanks. Good price.



So far, here are the armies I’ve built/painted.

United States



These are Zvezda 1:100 models (15mm) that my 10 year old picked up from Partizan wargames show for £2.75 each and built himself. We’ll make up some stats for these and add them in game sometime.