This is a great side game for any wargamer to be playing. Games are quick and easy to set up and the models are already painted meaning you can add stuff to your collection without it adding to the (no doubt) massive pile of plastic/resin/metal/mdf that needs painting.

My lad has loved playing this since we bought into it and he looks forward to trying out all the new releases.

We did a little bit of modelling and made some 3D asteroids to stand on the card templates. We’ve also got a couple of pre-printed mats. One is the game size of 3’x3′. The other for massive games at 6’x3′.

Imperials: (My lad’s fave as you can tell my the thumbs up)

Rebels: (I lose regularly with these)

Scum and Villainy Faction:

And yes son… I see your cunning plan to ram my corvette in half.

Home made Asteroids:

The tactic I am becoming accustomed too… keeping wings of TIE fighters together: