Last Updated: 13th April 2020

I think I’ll place the newer photos at the top from now on, it’s easier to see the new things than scrolling to the bottom.

Plague Mule

Now this is a lovely model, it goes together so easily in so few parts. I really do love Mantic’s vehicle models. My only gripe is with myself, for not noticing the mold lines on the wheels. In fairness, I could hardly notice them while painting, but high-res photography showed them up. I guess my eyesight really is bad.





A collection of all the Deadzone Plague faction figures I’ve painted. First of all, the rather squashed together family photo.

“Family Photo”


Stage 1s

Here’s a couple of photos of the 2 Plague Stage 1’s I’ve done. The one on the right is the special edition Resin model only available to Kickstarter backers who spent a phenomenal amount on the Kickstarter. Thank goodness for eBay. 🙂

Plague Stage 1 photo


Stage 2’s

I have the three standard Plague Stage 2 models. I made sure the one jumping over the wall, had a wall that matched the colour of the scenery I’ve done.

Plague Stage 2s

Plague Stage 2s


Stage 3’s



Boomstick and Mortar Team


Not painted in plague colours as such, but then they have acquired it from some other poor soul.

Plague Swarms:

Double plague swarm

Plague Teraton:

Plague Abomination

Fresh from Deadzone 2, the Plague Abomination. I’ve included the Stage 1 leader in the photos for scale.

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