Maelstrom’s Edge

This is a new Sci-fi game totally designed and made by the great admins of the Dakkadakka forum site. For me, it’s the replacement to Warhammer 40K I’ve been wanting for a while. Small reasonably priced units, no overload with vehicles or massive models and a fantastic background.

There are 2 great novels out which Ive read (twice) and love. Faith (Book 1) and Sacrifice (Book 2). Check them out on Amazon with those links.

There’s a good blog site up and running called The Comm Guild. More information and the store is at the homepage for Maelstrom’s Edge.

This explains the background of the game well…


There’s also a really nice YouTube review of the starter set here – painted fantastic as well:


All I’ve got to add so far is one painted model, but I have finished up making a sci-fi game board for it.

Here’s a few pics (and ignore the GW models – I put them in for scale on some photos)

I finally decided on the Karist Angel/Minnow colour schemes as well as the final Epirian scheme I’m aiming for. Sample pics below;

Karist Angels and Minnows

Epirian Spider Drones and Bot Handler