Last updated: 27th May 2015

I have several units that have maybe half of the models painted so far. And have been that way since about 2001 or 2002. Now I need to finish them off – and hope I can remember how I did them so the colour schemes match.

Most of the figures here are old GW Orc & Goblin figures which I bought and painted sometime between 1999 and 2003. Old paint jobs, old models, but with newly made magnetic movement trays and a lease of life again thanks to Mantic’s Kings of War game.

I’ve split most of the Goblin photos into a different section to the Orcs, although the Heroes have Orc/Goblins mixed.

Onto the figures…


2 Orc Krudgers on Gores and a Goblin Wiz. Formerly known as a Night Goblin Shaman, Orc Boss on boar and a Savage Orc boss on a boar.



Orc Ax Troop (10): Old plastic GW figures painted around 2001
I just made a magnetic movement tray for these – so I suppose they’re a complete enough unit now

Orc Morax Regiment (20): Old metal GW Black Orc figures painted around 2001
I had 5 of these to finish off and hopefully managed to get them to look like the rest of the unit. Magnetic movement tray made as well to block them into a unit of 20. Front and rear views.

Large Infantry

Trolls: Unit of 6 trolls.
Painted long ago… before I discovered washes or inks.

Large Cavalry

Gore Chariot: A lonely one. I do have the sprue for another, but I’ll use that to mount a boss one day.


Edit: With the changes to making chariots units of 3. I had to piece together a spare chariot and match it to the paint job from 2001. I made a “mechanic” as the 3rd chariot as there’s no way 3 will fit flush together as a unit with the spiked wheels.


Lots more to paint. Lots more to add. 😦

2 thoughts on “Orcs

  1. Nice chariot work, gives me inspiration. Ive got 50 dual hand orcs (same pose ones), 40 orcs with shields, 40 savage dual weps and 10 black orcs.

    My units conflict as I have 40 savage duel and 50 orcs duel wielders, so both cant be morax.

    I think ill mix the shield and dual orcs units and use them as ax, this way I can use 90 models to bulk up my ax core frontline and use the 40 savages as the elite morax, which should be enough for 1500-2000pt games I hope. I don’t like greatax imo, so the 10 BO can sit on the side if I ever decide to use them 🙂


    1. I’ve got about 30 more of those dual hand weapon orcs (old GW fixed pose) still to paint. I expect when I get the new KoW v2 rulebook in my hands, I’ll drop painting Bolt Action and move back to Fantasy for a while. Maybe I’ll get the orcs done 🙂


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