Last Updated: 16th February 2016

Most of the figures here are old GW figures which I bought and painted sometime between 1999 and 2003. Old paint jobs, old models, but with newly made magnetic movement trays and a lease of life again thanks to Mantic’s Kings of War game.

My old Skeletons with spears and coffin shields were in 2 units of 30, which have now become 3 units of 20 for Kings of War, although 1 unit doesn’t have a banner or musician. I have made movement trays so I can have a horde of 40 and a unit of 20 though.

The old Skeletons with hand weapons and small shields were also a unit of 30. I used some old “rising from the ground” figures I’d made to pad out one of the units, so I have 2 units of 20.

Onto the figures…


A Vampire Lord and a Necromancer. The Necromancer is pained the colour it is because at one point in Warhammer he could wear a Cloak of Mist and Shadows. GW removed that item for Necromancers though, spoiling the figure I’d painted. In Kings of War, he can be whatever the hell I like 🙂

Revenant King

Regiments of Infantry

Skeleton Unit 1: Spears, Shields, Banner and Musician (20)

Skeleton Unit 2: Spears, Shields, Banner and Musician (20)

Skeleton Unit 3: Spears and Shields (20)

Skeleton Unit 4: Hand Weapons, Shields, Banner and Musician (20)

Skeleton Unit 5: Hand Weapons and Shields

You can see on this unit how I took liberties and made a few with Gravestones. Hopefully that’s ok for gaming with.

EDIT: I’ve since re-organised the skeletons onto new movement trays and have 2 hordes of 40 skeletons (one is spears the other hand weapons) and 1 unit of 20 spear wielders.

Ghouls: Old metal GW figures (20)

Wraiths: Unit of 10 Mantic Wraiths painted with a ghostly look (I’ve always wanted to do one of these paint jobs but never had any figures suitable)

Mummies: Unit of 10 Mummies (I’ve wanted Mantic’s Mummies for a while but they were unavailable for ages, so I went for a set of 10 made by Thebattleforge.co.uk)

Regiments of Cavalry

Revenant Cavalry Unit 1: Old Black Knights with Banner and Musician (10)

Revenant Cavalry Unit 2: Old Skeletal Horseman with Banner and Musician (10)

 Large Infantry

Werewolves: Regiment of 3

I think another coat of matte varnish is due on the werewolves.

EDIT: Added 3 more werewolves to make either 2 units of 3, or a unit of 6.

Wights: Unit of 3 and 6 (Made from Warmachine Bane Thralls)

Zombie Trolls: Unit of 3 Mantic models


Balefire Catapult: Converted from an old GW Dwarf stone thrower with some Mantic skeletons.

What have I got to add?

Hopefully this year for Christmas, my wife will get me a centre piece for the army and get me GW’s Vampire Lord on Undead Dragon.

I still have 2 blocks of 10 skeleton archers on sprues to make so I can try something with range, along with another old Dwarf stonethrower to make a second Catapult.

I do have a large selection of other Vampires (old GW named figures) including some mounted versions as well. Vampire Lords seem highly priced though, so I’ll play a few games with the one I’ve got before I add any more to the paint queue.

Oh yeah, I’ve also just got my KoW2 kickstarter shipment that had 5 Soul Reaver cavalry to build and paint.

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