Last Updated: 13th April 2020

I’ve decided to put some of the latest photos at the top to make navigation easier.

Skeleton Spearmen Unit of 40

These are actually resin goblin skeletons from the Bonefields kickstarter. I have a unit of 20 dwarven skeletons to paint up with hand weapons and shields as well. All nicely magnetised onto a movement tray – that will hold them all on it upside down. 🙂



Here’s a photo of the Boss of them all. I painted it a few years ago, but struggled to get a decent picture. I’m still not happy that the lighting isn’t showing it right – or my camera settings.

Vampire Lord on Undead Dragon





Most of the figures below are old GW figures which I bought and painted sometime between 1999 and 2003. Old paint jobs, old models, but with newly made magnetic movement trays and a lease of life again thanks to Mantic’s Kings of War game.

My old Skeletons with spears and coffin shields were in 2 units of 30, which have now become 3 units of 20 for Kings of War, although 1 unit doesn’t have a banner or musician. I have made movement trays so I can have a horde of 40 and a unit of 20 though.

The old Skeletons with hand weapons and small shields were also a unit of 30. I used some old “rising from the ground” figures I’d made to pad out one of the units, so I have 2 units of 20.

Onto the figures…


A Vampire Lord and a Necromancer. The Necromancer is pained the colour it is because at one point in Warhammer he could wear a Cloak of Mist and Shadows. GW removed that item for Necromancers though, spoiling the figure I’d painted. In Kings of War, he can be whatever the hell I like 🙂

Revenant King

Regiments of Infantry

Skeleton Unit 1: Spears, Shields, Banner and Musician (20)

Skeleton Unit 2: Spears, Shields, Banner and Musician (20)

Skeleton Unit 3: Spears and Shields (20)

Skeleton Unit 4: Hand Weapons, Shields, Banner and Musician (20)

Skeleton Unit 5: Hand Weapons and Shields

You can see on this unit how I took liberties and made a few with Gravestones. Hopefully that’s ok for gaming with.

EDIT: I’ve since re-organised the skeletons onto new movement trays and have 2 hordes of 40 skeletons (one is spears the other hand weapons) and 1 unit of 20 spear wielders.

Ghouls: Old metal GW figures (20)

Wraiths: Unit of 10 Mantic Wraiths painted with a ghostly look (I’ve always wanted to do one of these paint jobs but never had any figures suitable)

Mummies: Unit of 10 Mummies (I’ve wanted Mantic’s Mummies for a while but they were unavailable for ages, so I went for a set of 10 made by Thebattleforge.co.uk)

Regiments of Cavalry

Revenant Cavalry Unit 1: Old Black Knights with Banner and Musician (10)

Revenant Cavalry Unit 2: Old Skeletal Horseman with Banner and Musician (10)

 Large Infantry

Werewolves: Regiment of 3

I think another coat of matte varnish is due on the werewolves.

EDIT: Added 3 more werewolves to make either 2 units of 3, or a unit of 6.

Wights: Unit of 3 and 6 (Made from Warmachine Bane Thralls)

Zombie Trolls: Unit of 3 Mantic models


Balefire Catapult: Converted from an old GW Dwarf stone thrower with some Mantic skeletons.

What have I got to add?

I still have 2 blocks of 10 skeleton archers on sprues to make so I can try something with range, along with another old Dwarf stonethrower to make a second Catapult.

I do have a large selection of other Vampires (old GW named figures) including some mounted versions as well. Vampire Lords seem highly priced though, so I’ll play a few games with the one I’ve got before I add any more to the paint queue.

Oh yeah, I’ve also got my KoW2 kickstarter shipment that had 5 Soul Reaver cavalry to build and paint still.

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