Saga is a game for using small units of medieval figures.

The main game mechanic uses a  “Saga board”. This is really a series of special actions. To use the board, you roll a set amount of Saga dice with special symbols at the start of your turn. You can place these on the Saga board where you choose – certain symbols or combinations from the dice allow certain actions on the board.

During the main gameplay of moving, shooting and fighting with figures, you can use up the dice on the Saga board to add extra abilities and dice bonuses. It’s a really nice mechanic that makes the game very enjoyable and more tactical than just pushing toy soldiers round a table.

Although the game is designed for 6 point armies. I’ve currently built and painted 2 lots of 4 point armies. A Viking force and an Anglo-Saxon (or even Anglo-Dane) force.


A selection of pictures.

4 Points fully painted:

Leader and a unit of Hearthguard:





A selection of pictures. The cavalry can be swapped out for a hearthguard unit wielding Dane-axes and the leader swapped to make it into Anglo-Danes.
4 points of Anglo-Saxons:

4 points of Anglo-Danes:

Anglo-Dane Hearthguard and leader with Dane-axes:


2 different leaders with warrior unit


A selection of pictures.