Bolt Action Terrain

Last updated: 9th April 2016

Here’s the Bolt Action Ruined Farmhouse model from Warlord Games. I also added some resin floor pieces in that I bought from Urban Construct.

I know there should be a lot more rubble around, but I wanted the piece to be open enough to stand quite a few models during a game of Bolt Action.

Here’s the pics of the finished pieces that the kit made.

Main Farmhouse

Smaller Ruin


I’ve also completed 2 coir carpet mat “fields”. Rather than be lazy and just slap a doormat on my gaming board, I’ve cut it into pieces and glued it to plasticard. I based the edges and added flock and tufts.
I’ve made one that’s rectangular and one in an L-shape. The photo below shows a close up of part of the L-shaped mat.

Gaming table

Here’s a pic of the rather standard looking gaming table that my wife and I played our first few games on. It made for some really good games. 🙂

And just before a game of Iron Cross…


Ironclad Scenery

Ironclad Miniatures make some excellent WW2 resin scenery pieces. When I have the cash I’ll be getting more of the trench pieces – I can’t recommend them enough. And they were a breeze to paint in a matter of minutes.


4Ground Models
4Ground make some fantastic mdf pre-painted models. Although they take a bit of practice and patience to build, they look pretty good straight from the build, they’re also very solid.

I’ve so far built a Piggery/Stable, a large detached house (not photo’d yet), 1 detached house, 1 damages detached house and 2 sets of ruins.

I’ve also put together a few Czech hedgehogs;

as well as making about 10 of these sections of railway line and painting up a few wagons to stand on them for cover in the game. Glad I found the old railway set in the loft.

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