Not a lot to see here. My “old” GW army was mainly going to be Orcs with a few Goblin units. The Goblin units I have are the Wiz (night Goblin Shaman), 10 Wolf riders,  30 Night Goblins and a Doom Diver.

In Kings of War, the Wolf riders are used as they are and the Shaman becomes a Wiz. The Doom Diver doesn’t have a place – I can’t really pass it off as a “rock lobber”. The 30 Night Goblins were going to get shrunk down to a regiment of 20, but I just grabbed some “Skullpass” ones off eBay so I’m going to have enough to get either a horde of 40 or 2 units of 20.

Most of the figures here were painted sometime between 1999 and 2003. Old paint jobs, old models, but with newly made magnetic movement trays and a lease of life again thanks to Mantic’s Kings of War game.

I’ve split most of the Orc photos into a different section to the Goblins, although the Heroes have Orc/Goblins mixed.

Onto the figures…


2 Orc Krudgers on Gores and a Goblin Wiz. Formerly known as a Night Goblin Shaman, Orc Boss on boar and a Savage Orc boss on a boar.



Fleabag Riders: Regiment of Fleabag Riders (10) with banner and Musician

These were painted a long time ago when the kit was new, probably sometime around the year 2000.



Sharpsticks: Unit of Goblin Sharpsticks (20) with Banner and Musician
10 more painted and I have 10 more to make a horde or a second unit of 20.

Lots more to paint. Lots more to add. 😦


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