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Some Fantasy Bits

Another post – 3rd time, weekly! Wow. Some of the photo’s in this post are from about 6 months ago. I had updated some to their pages in my menus, but I thought I’d put them here with some of the newer pieces.

Firstly – my favourites. Bonefields. Although I’ve not got round to playing the game, I mainly went into this Kickstarter for the figures. I picked up 40 goblin skeleton spear/shield figures and 20 dwarf skeleton handweapon/shield wielders. They were to make some more diverse units for my Undead Kings of War army. I’ve managed to get round to painting the Goblin Skeletons so far. They’re lovely models, but it was really difficult to get them into various slotta bases and rank up. I know I could have trimmed them off their ‘tabs’ but I didn’t want to risk it with delicate resin bones. Nor did I want to multibase. I like my KoW units to have the correct amount of figures – like they did as wound counters in old Warhammer. Keeping them single allows use in other games too. All magnetised as usual so you can pick the movement tray upside down – if you felt the urge to.

Goblin Skeletons



Orc Boar Riders

And still on Kings of War, here’s another unit I knocked up quickly – using dip as well. They didn’t come out too bad. I have about 20 more of these to do too – from over a decade ago, er, possibly two decades. Really old GW Fantasy Orc Boar Boys from around the year 2000 I think.



Then there’s the mix of bits of terrain and objective markers I’d been putting together and occasionally splashing paint on .



The following were pieces of terrain I’d grouped for use in Kings of War Vanguard Skirmish – although I’ve still yet to get a game going of that. Still, the terrain will still do in larger Kings of War games.





And this last one, was taken in bad light while still on the paint table. More objective markers.


And next week, if I get round to some photo’s, it’s probably back to Dropzone Commander – as you can see in the last picture, they were creeping into the background.

Take care and stay safe.

End of 2017

It’s been a pretty lousy year overall. Serious illness and loss of a job puts a block on all sorts of things. I’ve also bought about 4 times more models than I’ve managed to paint. However, the year’s ended pretty well. Illness under control and improving, a new job at a fantastic place, even if it is only till next summer.

How’s the hobbying and painting going then… well, I’m going to make a New Years’ Resolution this year. Although I’m still going to try to play the massive assortment of games I have, I’ll stick to a painting focus on just 2 games.

Game One

Beyond the Gates of Antares. Although I’ve always wanted to give this a try – after all, my main opponent – my wife only really enjoys Bolt Action. I’d overlooked Antares for too long. The rules are basically Bolt Action, but with stats added in for differences in aliens. The models are now coming out in plastic for the main troops as well and the larger models are in well crafted resin with a few metal pieces. In the Warlord sale, along with a voucher, I started the set off with:


With a few more additions since, I’ve taken it to having 3 average sized 1500 point armies. Ghar, Algoryn and Concord. As there’s three of us in the house, that means we can choose an army each to play with.

Game Two

Kings of War. I bought enough Ogres to field a 2000 point army. Why Ogres? Well, I’ve always loved the pics in the KoW rulebook of the red ogres with the white paint on their faces – kind of LotR’y. Also, 3/6 models per unit rather than 10/20 should speed up the painting process to get an entire army completed. I tried one out, and although the mobile photo isn’t brill, it came out fairly well – certainly at arm’s length with my dodgy eyesight. Ogres are also Neutral. So I can align these with the few Lizardmen or painted Dwarves I have to make a large enough army to take on the Undead or Orc/Goblin alliance. Although there’s a general hatred of Restic on the internet, these models were a breeze to clean up and put together.

Ogre Trial

I’m certainly not going to forget the other games I play, which is a rather long list now.ย  There’s some fantastic stuff coming out for Maelstrom’s Edge. I’ve never seen such well made resin models as well as the new plastic Broken they’ve made. Mantic has just released most of the vehicles for Warpath. I’ve even (shock) bought some new GW stuff – 40k Death Guard and Dark Angel Primaris models, along with the new version of Necromunda. All built to play, but unpainted. Dracula’s America is also a great game to play with fun rules. I’ve got my Tombstone kickstarter arriving any week now, so that will also get some action. Lots of models to paint, even if it is only the odd one to break up the Ogres or Antares painting.

Hope you all have a great New Year!

A ‘giant’ update

Pun intended.

I’ve been looking on and off for a good giant model for my Orc and Goblin army for quite a few years now. I was never impressed with the Games Workshop giant,ย  it looked far to gormless, flabby and non-menacing. The Forge World model was larger, but still didn’t impress me, and obviously nor did it’s 3 figure price tag.

I’d looked into other manufacturers, but most of these were older metal models and the giants weren’t usually much bigger than trolls.

Anyway, after searching for that Fire Elemental (The D&D collector’s series Fire Myrmidon in my last update) I realised they did a few limited edition giants. The Storm Giant looked a little too ‘ancient greek’ and the Fire Giant had molten armour on (although it’s a fantastic model). I opted for this Frost Giant. I won’t be painting it with blue skin like a D&D frost giant. It will get human coloured flesh with an assortment of leather patched armours. It was only a 7 piece resin model and didn’t need much cleaning up either.

The photo shows the size compared to an orc and a troll. Perfectly huge, but it fits on a 50mm square base. A excellent addition to the Orc and Goblin armies I’m (still) painting for Kings of War.

Paint Table Update

Well, so much for a week off. I managed to complete the base on the Zombie Dragon which has sat around since I painted it hurriedly on Boxing Day.

Last night, we had an Agent Carter epic TV watching catch up session so I painted while it was on. I did manage to more or less finish a German 251/10 command half-track. Although the vehicle is finished, it is missing the gunner holding the Pak36 and the rear gunner with an MG42.

Here’s the mobile phone pics from the paint table.

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon


Command Half-track 251/10

On this 3rd photo, I brought down the original Half-track I’d painted. I can’t decide which type of numerals look best. The plain black or the white edged black. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Oh, and excuse the half painted Saurus warriors in the background. ๐Ÿ™‚


February already…

It seems a long time since I had chance to update this page. Apologies.

Anyway, there’s quite a few models I’ve had chance to take photos of today and upload. A real mix of Fantasy and World War 2. I guess Sci-fi’s been on the back burner. But it will return as I received my 2 boxes of Maelstrom’s Edge models recently.

Anyway, here’s the things I’ve been working on.

Zombie Trolls

These are Mantic’s hefty metal models. They went together fairly well. At first I didn’t like the way I’d painted them, but the scheme grew on me.

Although I try to avoid paying GW prices. The starter sets they just brought out are reasonable value – even better if bought online with a 20% discount. I bought the Seraphon (sorry, Lizardmen!!!) set. Here’s the first 4 Saurus warriors I’ve painted. They’re on homemade bases, made of mdf (with magnets drilled in) and green stuff (and a good Basius mould).

The Lizardmen are going to be a Salamander ally for the Dwarf army I have yet to paint for Kings of War.



And finally, a big mix of World War 2 models.

M26 Pershing


I finally got round to finishing the drivers and gunners for the Jeeps I’d made. Both gunners are magnetised, as are the gunners. It means I can use them as empty looking Transports, or add MMG/HMGs.

Armoured Cars

I bought a platoon of armoured cars from Warlord Games when they released them. I’ve just got round to finishing the paint jobs. They are plastic kits and went together real well – as all plastic Warlord stuff does. I built one as an M8 Greyhound and one as an M20 Scout Car. The 3rd is still intact on sprues awaiting whatever fate I have for it.

M8 Greyhound

M20 Scout Car


US Infantry

I also finished the last 3 US infantry for one of my units. I say finished, but I think I’ll put the same arm badges on as I did to the Jeep above. It will take a while to get round to that though. That’s for Bolt Action, but for Iron Cross, as the units are small blocks of 4-5 Infantry, I made up (about 16, lol) movement trays to make the game quicker. Some 2×2 and some 4×1.

Bases for Iron Cross

And that about sums up the last 6 weeks or so.
Fingers crossed I get the next update out before that long has passed.

Christmas at last

Finally, Christmas is here. I’ve had a few days to slap some colour on a few models – and take some photos of ones I’ve done over the last few weeks.

Bolt Action / Iron Cross

First of all are a few German vehicles I’ve been working on. Although they may not be realistic paint schemes of WW2 vehicles, I do love the way the airbrush with a coat of wash makes the camo colours kind of merge together.

Here’s a StuH42. This was made like the Panzer III with magnets in the track rollers so I could add sideskirts or not for Bolt Action.

The very first tank I bought for Bolt Action was the Panther V. I never dared paint it up till I got the airbrush. Here’s the finished model.

After that, I bought myself a Warlord Games Kubelwagon, Hanomag and a Rubicon Opel Blitz. Without a doubt, the Opel Blitz is the best fitting model I have ever built. I’d recommend it. The only thing I did do which may not show well in the photos is add a clear plastic sheet as the windscreen and on the passenger side, I put in a window half rolled down. I left the driver side window open.

The Warlord Games Kubelwagon was a mix of resin and metal. The resin was fine but the metal is rather delicate and cast badly. There’s so much flash it was hard to tell what was parts and what was detail. I made it so it could be without weapons, or magnetise on the MMG. The MMG strut was so badly damaged, I had to make a kind of padded cloth covered strut to use. The driver is still sitting on the paint table.

The plastic Warlord games Sd.Kfz 251/1 Ausf D Hanomag is also a joy to put together. Very simplistic and designed for gamers to make rather than model makers. I put a magnet under the rear door so the gun can be removed.

And onto the United States Army. I bought myself in the Black Friday sales (along with the German vehicles) a Deuce and a Half truck and a couple of Jeeps.
Both of these are Resin and metal kits. Not all the parts fit well and the metal parts suffer the same as the Kubelwagon – it’s hard to tell parts from flash. I’m hoping Rubicon bring out a US truck soon.
Although the gunner and driver for the Jeep are still on the paint table, the gunner and both the HMG and MMG are magnetic options. The photo has the HMG on.

To finish off the World War 2 stuff, I also made up a 4Ground model Piggery/Cartshed and some Czech Hedgehogs. Annoyingly the hedgehogs came in sets of 4 and my large terrain bases have 5 slots, so I made a barbed wire base to go with it.

The Piggery/Cartshed is a real challenge to put together, but it is an awesome model. I tried to take a photo showing the rafters inside the removable roof section. Hopefully you can see the detail it has.

Kings of War

I wanted a unit of 3 Wights that would fit on 40mm bases for the new version of KoW2. The old models I had were very small and only suited 20mm bases.
After much scouring of figure manufacturers online, in the end I decided the best models that fit the job and had the size correct were made for Warmachine – Bane Thralls.
They came in boxes of 10 though, so I made a unit of 3, a unit of 6 and used the boss as a Revenant King. 3 units out of a box isn’t bad I suppose. The models themselves were made of that awful resin/plastic mix the Mantic gamers know as “restic”. I still prefer old fashioned metal or the hard plastic.

Also, I finally got round to taking a photo of the Balefire Catapult I made up. It’s actually an old GW Dwarf Stone Thrower model with the plastic Mantic catapult skeletons. The shield on it matches the shields on one of my skeleton units and also covered a dwarf rune.

Well, that’s it for this update. Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year – and get some time to paint.

Time for a few photos

I finished off the 2nd chariot and got round to taking a few photos of the completed unit. That’s another unit ready for my Orcs in Kings of War. As I said in an earlier post, I was miffed that the new rules for Kings of War had moved to units of 3 chariots instead of 1’s. I can’t get 3 to fit together because of the wheel spikes so I added the “mechanic” from a pile of parts I had.

While I had the camera out, I also took a photo of the extra 3 werewolves I painted up a few months ago to make the unit of werewolves into a unit of 6 for my Undead army.

I’m now putting together and trying out a few paint jobs on some US Infantry for Bolt Action. I’ll post some photos when I have some finished.

Chariot Unit of 3:

Werewolf unit of 6:

Chariot Unit (Part 2)

Still a work in progress.

I had a bank holiday Monday to do a little more work on the chariot unit.

I managed to paint up and finish the Chariot section. I found this hard work as the chariot on the left was painted in 2001 and 14 years off is a while to remember how it was done and what colours were needed to get a close match.

The “mechanic” with the spare wheels is finished too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chariot Unit

I only had 1 chariot painted up (painted back in 2001) so I was a little disappointed to find that the new Kings of War version 2 rules had a requirement of having chariots in units of 3 or 6.

So I trawled back through my old “to build” and “bits” boxes and found the sprues for a chariot which had come in the Warhammer box set from around 2000. I didn’t have a third, but realised that I’d never get 3 to sit flush together because of the large spikes coming out of their wheels. So, I decided to use a few bits to make a chariot base that had a goblin on a squig carrying a spare wheel for the chariots.

I’ve not finished painting them yet, but here’s a couple of work in progress photos. I did manage to finish off the magnetic movement tray for them though.

Painted Goblins

I finished the last few (small size) Night Goblins which will be added to make my horde of 40 Kings of War Sharpstick goblins.

I’ll photo the whole horde of 40 on their real movement tray when I get chance, rather than using the phone camera while they’re on the paint table.

Now…. 2 more weeks of hellish work and then a week off. Hopefully I’ll get some hobby time that week.