Despoiler Upgrades – I Can’t Even…

Mirroring my thoughts…

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So, I had been waiting for the Despoiler upgrades for MkVI power armour for quite some time – since the new Horus Heresy was released actually.

They were destined for my Alpha Legion. I have been working on both Alpha Legion and Imperial Fist forces for the Pluto campaign, where the former are knocking over the space station of the latter at the edge of the Terran system. Very infantry-based, lots of tight corridor actions, focussed armies, Primarchs involved… brilliant.

Collecting all the models and painting them, I quickly whittled the list of things to do down to just two types of units – Despoilers for the Alpha Legion and Breachers for the Fists.

My idea here was that the Alpha Legion were launching a surprise attack and they would be going in hard and loud – lots of Terminators, lots of loud-bang type weapons, and a bias towards close…

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