Frostgrave is a small scale Fantasy skirmish game written by Joe McCullough. A £15 hardback rulebook and a slack handful of fantasy figures (and we all have dozens of those somewhere) is all you need to play.

It’s simply a game where you control a wizard and his apprentice and up to 8 more henchmen. You have a character sheet that is more reminiscent of a D&D character sheet than a wargaming sheet. Not only that, it uses a real simple d20 system for combat.

There are currently 2 expansion books available.
Thaw of the Lich Lord – allowing cultist (evil) henchmen and the chance to get your wizard to be an ever living lich.
Into the Breeding Pits – bringing in traps and underground play.
Forgotten Pacts – introducing Barbarians
The Frostgrave Folio – containing 3 short digital releases with a new one for the book
I’ll add more details when I get chance to game more with the scenarios and new rules.

In a nutshell, the game is about your wizard plundering an ancient magical city that has been frozen over for years and is now thawing. Your aim is to leave the frozen streets with more treasure than your opponent. You get xp for killing things and taking treasure. Your wizard (and his/her apprentice) level up between games, get new spells, spend gold on new henchmen etc. Awesome fun. And when you add in the scenarios with lots of wandering monsters, it makes for a great game.

I’ve been slowly adding terrain for the 4′ x 3′ snow mat I have. I’ve built up an Enchanter warband using male barbarian figures. My wife has built up a Summoner warband, using the Frostgrave soldiers but with female heads she got from Bad Squiddo games.

I need to update this page as I’ve got a bit more terrain than the pics below show…

Here’s some polystyrene block walls with texture and snow added:

The free Age of Sigmar character from White Dwarf couldn’t be wasted. So now he’s a statue:

Some more Age of Sigmar scenery turned into Frostgrave terrain:

I’ve been slowly adding to the terrain collection with more cheap ebay mdf walls and items from places like TTcombat and Dark Ops.

I have 2 really large pieces to finish off, then I’ll take some photo’s of the board all together.

With the “re-boot” of White Dwarf, Games Workshop gave away another free figure. I’ll be damned but this single sprue with half a dozen pieces is meant to be £18. It felt cheap as an freebie on a magazine. Anyway, it’s now a piece of Frostgrave Scenery. My only annoyance was that the vitamin pill tub I attached it to, is slightly larger than the one for the last White Dwarf freebie statue I made.

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