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Pics of work in progress on the paint table

In progress: US M3A1 Half-track

I’ve had a chance to finish building and start paint work on an M3A1 US Half-track transporter.

I wasn’t sure if the points price of the extra MMGs on it would be worthwhile in game, so I sorted out a magnet system so the 3 guns can be removed for any configuration. Not quite a historically accurate gun attachment but it doesn’t look too bad.

You can see the magnet system pretty clearly on the unpainted version here. It also makes packing it away in a case a lot safer without all the guns poking out.

This photo’s after a spray with Halfords camo green spray, some base colours and an ink wash. (And an embarrassingly bad decal to fix.) No weathering yet… My wife says I should leave my models “factory fresh” as she prefers them looking cleaner. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nearly finished for the last 2 photos. All that’s needed is the driver and a coat of varnish. I’ve still not got the skill with the weathering powders yet to get the look I really wanted, but I think it will look decent enough for a game.

Now I just need the humidity to drop (and the thunderflies to sod off) so I can varnish it safely and paint up the driver to glue in.

US M1 57mm AT Gun

I had an evening to play around with some basing bits and (nearly) finish off a Bolt Action US M1 57mm AT Artillery Gun. I’ve still got the 3 crew to paint.
I decided on basing the gun alone (it can stay in game even if the crew are removed). It fit quite nicely on a 50mm by 100mm piece of 3mm thick mdf – which is the same size as the chariot bases I was using for Kings of War.

I’ve never used model barbed wire or clump foliage before so next time I use either, things will hopefully be better – I learned a few pitfalls to avoid and mistakes that make me cringe a little when I see the model now.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the gun on kitchen paper on the paint table still. Mobile camera for the photo. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

And for the record…. Even a slight coat of anti-shine matte varnish kills the nice lumpy effect weathering powder had on the wheels and turned it smooth – even though I used very little varnish and the powder had been set with Isopropanol. All a learning curve for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Chariot Unit (Part 2)

Still a work in progress.

I had a bank holiday Monday to do a little more work on the chariot unit.

I managed to paint up and finish the Chariot section. I found this hard work as the chariot on the left was painted in 2001 and 14 years off is a while to remember how it was done and what colours were needed to get a close match.

The “mechanic” with the spare wheels is finished too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chariot Unit

I only had 1 chariot painted up (painted back in 2001) so I was a little disappointed to find that the new Kings of War version 2 rules had a requirement of having chariots in units of 3 or 6.

So I trawled back through my old “to build” and “bits” boxes and found the sprues for a chariot which had come in the Warhammer box set from around 2000. I didn’t have a third, but realised that I’d never get 3 to sit flush together because of the large spikes coming out of their wheels. So, I decided to use a few bits to make a chariot base that had a goblin on a squig carrying a spare wheel for the chariots.

I’ve not finished painting them yet, but here’s a couple of work in progress photos. I did manage to finish off the magnetic movement tray for them though.

Painted Goblins

I finished the last few (small size) Night Goblins which will be added to make my horde of 40 Kings of War Sharpstick goblins.

I’ll photo the whole horde of 40 on their real movement tray when I get chance, rather than using the phone camera while they’re on the paint table.

Now…. 2 more weeks of hellish work and then a week off. Hopefully I’ll get some hobby time that week.

Painting Table

I’ve been so busy with work as usual, I’ve hardly had chance to paint anything, or update this page.

All I’ve managed recently are putting together 10 Savage Orcs as bowmen to use as Skulks for Kings of War. I painted one up to see how they looked and have based the rest ready and magnetised for their movement tray.

I also had a pile of Night Goblins I’d picked up off eBay to add to my existing unit (of Kings of War Sharpsticks) to make a horde of 40. The only problem was that these newer critters are way smaller than the older ones. Although they’re on a movement tray, it’s not got the other 29 painted figures with them. I’ve done these 6 of the newer ones this weekend.

Deadzone Walkways (Part 2)

A quick paint job on the walkways and stairs got them nearly finished. The photos were taken before I nuke-proofed them with Halfords Car Lacquer then matted it down with Army Painter Matt varnish spray. After that, I’ll add some smears of blood in a few places and gloss varnish the green pools to make them look wet again.

I kept the catwalk bases clear so they’d be easier to game on when figures are moving below.

Deadzone Walkways

I bought a few spare Deadzone scenery sprues from eBay because I wanted to add some extra walkways to the table. I wasn’t sure at first how to keep the walkways separate from the scenery. I needed something that would slip easily into the scenery storage box and at the same time give a load of options in game.

Anyway, I came up with the ones below. I’ll spray them and paint them today (fingers crossed for time)

End of the Hols

Here ends a week off work. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I managed to finish off the Deadzone Ruins from the Contagion boxed set.

And then glued together most of the Iron Ancestor model. The arms are blue tacked on as I’ll paint them separately and glue them on in the end. Same with the base. I’ll paint it up then add the model to it.

I have managed to paint all 15 movement trays and cut the rubber steel sheet to fit them all. I just need to have time to add flock and static grass, then seal with varnish(es) before sticking in the rubber steel sheets.

Independence Day

Not the US celebration, but the film. My lad watched it last night and while he did, I got some hobby time. ๐Ÿ™‚

I cleaned up a Forge Father Iron Ancestor ready for construction and glued some sand/stones to the last batch of mdf movement trays I had. I”ll clean the edges up and add a coat of watered down pva tomorrow, let them dry again and then paint up. They’ll eventually get rubber metal bases so they work with the magnetized models I have.

I also managed to take a pic of the Rebel Strider in the light box – although I’m not convinced the photo came out any better than the ones on the paint table with a mobile phone.

Iron Ancestor ready for building:

Movement trays drying:

ย Rebel Strider: