In progress: US M3A1 Half-track

I’ve had a chance to finish building and start paint work on an M3A1 US Half-track transporter.

I wasn’t sure if the points price of the extra MMGs on it would be worthwhile in game, so I sorted out a magnet system so the 3 guns can be removed for any configuration. Not quite a historically accurate gun attachment but it doesn’t look too bad.

You can see the magnet system pretty clearly on the unpainted version here. It also makes packing it away in a case a lot safer without all the guns poking out.

This photo’s after a spray with Halfords camo green spray, some base colours and an ink wash. (And an embarrassingly bad decal to fix.) No weathering yet… My wife says I should leave my models “factory fresh” as she prefers them looking cleaner. 🙂

Nearly finished for the last 2 photos. All that’s needed is the driver and a coat of varnish. I’ve still not got the skill with the weathering powders yet to get the look I really wanted, but I think it will look decent enough for a game.

Now I just need the humidity to drop (and the thunderflies to sod off) so I can varnish it safely and paint up the driver to glue in.

2 thoughts on “In progress: US M3A1 Half-track

  1. Hi, I have to say the paint job on that half track is fantastic and I really like all the extra detailing and equipment you have added to it. I have just started Bolt Action and hope to have my first game on Friday, I haven’t even finished building my army yet never mind paint it. I just hope my models will look half as good as yours once I paint them.

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  2. Thanks. I’ve only recently started myself and I’m busy trying to put everything together for a game. My long suffering wife will be roped into a game or 2. Although putting together the German Late war squad took longer than expected. They didn’t seem to fit together as well as the US version and I had to get a few metal weapons too. Will be gaming fit soon 🙂
    As you’ve guessed, with any game I play, I have to buy, build and paint up 2 armies. With luck the Red Skull and Capt America will have my lad playing Bolt Action soon – saving my wife her sanity.


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