My first Mantic fantasy additions to my Undead army arrived. Like an excited kid, I built them straight away and painted them when the glue had dried. So, I guess they’re a tad rushed – but they fit in with the army well. The bases were done “old school” to match the stuff I painted 15 years ago. Nothing fancy like tufts. Just plan old painted sand with flock.

The photo’s are a little shiny. I think I need another coat of matte varnish. I must admit, I’m in the habit of spraying all figures with Halfords clear car lacquer. Very glossy and very heavy duty. It comes from playing games where individual models are handled a lot and it makes them nuke proof. I guess with fantasy figures it’s less necessary as they’re on movement trays, but it’s force of habit now. A coat or 2 of matte varnish afterwards helps remove the shine.

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