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SdKfz 234/2 ‘Puma’

One of my first Bolt Action purchases at the end of May was a Panther tank. I built it and undercoated it the week I got it, but ever since, I’ve been dreading trying to hand paint a camo pattern onto it. I don’t own an airbrush and the frown my wife gave me when I suggested it told me that hand painting was the way to go. 😦

Anyway, I still haven’t painted the Panther, but I recently bought a SdKfz 234/2 ‘Puma’ armoured car. I decided this was the model to test out if I could do a camo pattern using a paint brush.

The overall look isn’t too bad. As most photos of minis though – they look better in the flesh than in a photo. I’m feeling confident enough to try out the Panther. Soon. 🙂

DIY Hedges

My wife and I had our first game of Bolt Action the other night – needless to say my wife’s Germans defended the village well, winning her the game.

Sooo…. I need more hedges for cover!!!

Thanks to my wife, she pointed me in the direction of a webpage with a guide on how to make some hedges. The page was Six-D-Six. I used it as a guide – kind of – to make some of my own hedges. The main difference was that they flocked theirs. I painted mine. The main reason was that I only have one colour of flock and I couldn’t flock the hedge the same as the ground. D’Oh. Anyway, a quick trip to the craft store got me 50 large lollypop style sticks – 6 inches long – for £1.  The bargain shop next door had a pack of 8 flat scourers for £1. The only other thing was to dig out the glue gun.

After cutting the scourers to size, I glued a core piece to the centre, then folded them over. All I had to do then was glue them to the “lollypop stick”. Glue gun essential.

Once this had dried. All I had to do was spray them brown – I used Halfords Camo Brown – although I’m sure there are much cheaper sprays – that was the one I had in the garage though.

To finish, all I needed to do was use a large drybrush to drybrush on the following colours working my way higher up the hedge each time; Castellan Green (GW), Loren Forest (GW), Goblin Green (AP) and Desert Yellow (AP).
The base was re-touched up with brown then flocked.

A few glue-gun sticks, some brown spray and £2 worth of parts made 10 hedges. There were 8 made from folding and I used the leftover parts to make a pair of triple-ply hedges.
60″ of hedging for £2. Bargain. 🙂

EDIT: I’ve added a pic of the Stone Walls I’ve just finished painting and varnishing. I used the last few pieces to make a small fenced hedge section that will connect the other hedges up using the last ends of scourer.

July Photo-fest

I have a few weeks off work now. Time to chill. Also, time to finally take a few photos of some figures that are overdue and get them posted here.

First up, the US Army M1 57mm Anti-tank gun now finally has a crew.

Here’s some pics of the M3A1 Half-track (now with a driver), and some of the M4 Sherman I did a while ago.

Here’s some pics of the old M4 Sherman along with some more of the Half-track as well.

My lad told me I should post pics of them together on the same “road” because they looked good together. Good call. 🙂

In progress: US M3A1 Half-track

I’ve had a chance to finish building and start paint work on an M3A1 US Half-track transporter.

I wasn’t sure if the points price of the extra MMGs on it would be worthwhile in game, so I sorted out a magnet system so the 3 guns can be removed for any configuration. Not quite a historically accurate gun attachment but it doesn’t look too bad.

You can see the magnet system pretty clearly on the unpainted version here. It also makes packing it away in a case a lot safer without all the guns poking out.

This photo’s after a spray with Halfords camo green spray, some base colours and an ink wash. (And an embarrassingly bad decal to fix.) No weathering yet… My wife says I should leave my models “factory fresh” as she prefers them looking cleaner. 🙂

Nearly finished for the last 2 photos. All that’s needed is the driver and a coat of varnish. I’ve still not got the skill with the weathering powders yet to get the look I really wanted, but I think it will look decent enough for a game.

Now I just need the humidity to drop (and the thunderflies to sod off) so I can varnish it safely and paint up the driver to glue in.

US M1 57mm AT Gun

I had an evening to play around with some basing bits and (nearly) finish off a Bolt Action US M1 57mm AT Artillery Gun. I’ve still got the 3 crew to paint.
I decided on basing the gun alone (it can stay in game even if the crew are removed). It fit quite nicely on a 50mm by 100mm piece of 3mm thick mdf – which is the same size as the chariot bases I was using for Kings of War.

I’ve never used model barbed wire or clump foliage before so next time I use either, things will hopefully be better – I learned a few pitfalls to avoid and mistakes that make me cringe a little when I see the model now.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the gun on kitchen paper on the paint table still. Mobile camera for the photo. 😦

And for the record…. Even a slight coat of anti-shine matte varnish kills the nice lumpy effect weathering powder had on the wheels and turned it smooth – even though I used very little varnish and the powder had been set with Isopropanol. All a learning curve for me 🙂

Bolt Action Photos

A rare chance this evening to try and take a few updated photos. I’ve touched up a few of the models to make corrections, although the German models still have their packs riding too high. Thankfully I’ve only made up 4 like this and the rest are still on sprues.

German Army  – painted so far


Sniper Team:

Red Skull: – Alternate HQ to engage my 9 year old lad

United States Army – painted so far

Infantry Squad 1:

Infantry Squad 2:

Captain America: – Alternate HQ to engage my 9 year old lad

German infantry

I’ve scraped enough time to build and paint my first German Infantry figure. I guess I owe quite a few thanks to the folks on the Warlord forums for the advice on colours, collars, backpacks etc. I swear I’ve spent more time researching German Infantry of 1944-5 than I did painting it.

The photo’s a bit smaller than usual as I uploaded it at a size that would fit the above forums.

Bolt Action – A Few Photos

Over the past week I’ve managed to grab a few minutes here and there to paint the first few of my Bolt Action figures.

For the first time ever, I’ve not sanded and painted my own bases. I’ve used Army Painter’s brown basing sand and not painted it. Then just added some flock/tufts/static grass. Although they don’t look bad, I’m still not convinced I’ve done the right thing, although the time it took was pretty damn quick so it does have that going for it.

I also bought some Vallejo weathering pigments. Now there’s a learning curve. I still find it amusing that the non-toxic weathering powder is in a child proof bottle, but the large bottle of slightly more dangerous Isopropanol is in a screw top.

Here’s the first Infantry choice – a unit of 6 US Army troops.

My first attempt at painting a tank – and making a mess with weathering powders.

For the game itself, I have already built (but not painted) my Headquarters choice (a Lieutenant and an extra troop to accompany him), but my 9 year old lad wanted me desperately to build a couple of slightly off the cuff conversions to use when I play with him. No introductions necessary.

And it’s all reminded me that I just can’t paint eyes.

Bolt Action – A noob’s beginnings

I bought myself some Bolt Action figures – a mix of Germans and US Army. The rules for the game seem really good and I can’t wait to try them out. As a result I’ve built and tried a few paint ideas out.

This is sooooo much harder than painting fantasy or sci-fi figures. If a fantasy or sci-fi figure has a strange paint scheme – who cares, it’s your own vision, but historical stuff has to look like the real thing.

Anyway, I tried and I’m sure I’ll learn loads more in the future.

Below are some photos of my first 5 US Infantry troops and an M4 Sherman tank. I have ordered a decent batch of vallejo colours but I did these with my existing GW and Army Painter paints.

The tank is about finished but the troops have yet to be based and flocked.