Bolt Action – A Few Photos

Over the past week I’ve managed to grab a few minutes here and there to paint the first few of my Bolt Action figures.

For the first time ever, I’ve not sanded and painted my own bases. I’ve used Army Painter’s brown basing sand and not painted it. Then just added some flock/tufts/static grass. Although they don’t look bad, I’m still not convinced I’ve done the right thing, although the time it took was pretty damn quick so it does have that going for it.

I also bought some Vallejo weathering pigments. Now there’s a learning curve. I still find it amusing that the non-toxic weathering powder is in a child proof bottle, but the large bottle of slightly more dangerous Isopropanol is in a screw top.

Here’s the first Infantry choice – a unit of 6 US Army troops.

My first attempt at painting a tank – and making a mess with weathering powders.

For the game itself, I have already built (but not painted) my Headquarters choice (a Lieutenant and an extra troop to accompany him), but my 9 year old lad wanted me desperately to build a couple of slightly off the cuff conversions to use when I play with him. No introductions necessary.

And it’s all reminded me that I just can’t paint eyes.

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