Photobucket… #sigh

Well, I was storing all my photos in neat folders on Photobucket.

Photobucket allowed me to use <img> tags to point this blog at them. I do pay for Photobuckets use, just as I pay for this blog. I don’t believe in freeloading and would often rather pay a small sum to be ad-free on most of the sites I use.

However, Photobucket changed their policy. There is no linking or embedding photos stored on photobucket unless you pay for their top package – which is $399.99 per year.

As a a part time blogger, mainly just wanting to put some more photo’s out there for the world, this is way too much. I only use 0.2Gb of my 10Gb space and my bandwidth use is maybe a dozen pics seen a day.

Pretty soon the pictures will vanish as web caches empty. Putting the photos elsewhere wouldn’t be a problem, but re-coding every page to point at the location of the newly placed images would be much more time consuming.

I guess it’s goodbye blog – unless Photobucket see the error of their ways. Businesses can probably afford $400 a year. But, like Adobe’s high annual fee software packages, small time non commercial folks can’t.

If I don’t post again, take care folks.

3 thoughts on “Photobucket… #sigh

    1. Thanks for the kind words.
      I keep a mirror of the photos on my PC so copying to another online storage company would be easy (I think even WordPress will store 6GB for me which is more than enough). The difficult part would be changing the image tag codes for every page I’ve written to the new url of the same photo. I’m dreading the thought of that.
      I don’t mind paying my way. I was already paying Photobucket $9.99 a year for ad-free which ironically doesn’t seem to have had it’s links cut (yet). Even the $5.99 a month would be ok for me, but that package doesn’t allow linking or embedding. Only the $39.99 a month fee does, which to be honest, is rather pricey for any small time non-commercial blog.
      So far Photobucket have said they will not be going back on their decision. I hope with customer pressure they’ll change their mind to allow the cheaper packages linking and embedding.

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