It’s just one of those days

As the lyrics to a famous song once went…

It’s just one of those days
When you don’t wanna wake up
Everything is f***ed
Everybody sux
You don’t really know why
But you want justify
Rippin’ someone’s head off
No human contact
And if you interact
Your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away motherf***er
It’s just one of those days!!

It’s the first day of a week off work. The postlady arrives with the package from Mantic I was expecting. A set of Dungeon Saga furniture I was going to paint up for a game of Frostgrave this week. (Chests, weapon racks, bookcases etc). Opening the package, it’s a box of Dungeon Saga doors instead. 😦

So, I crack open my kickstarter of Deadzone Infestation veer-myn figures. First call, the exclusive kickstarter figure “The piper”. And…. it’s missing a piece.

Mantic: 2 – Me: Nil

So finally, as my lad was painting up some Roman legionnaires as Skyrim  Imperials and his Anglo-Saxons in Stormcloak colours, I decided to look into buying a SAGA rulebook and check that game out, only to find Gripping Beast have had printer problems and it’s out of stock (everywhere) for weeks/months.

I guess this music vid sums today up.

Normal service will resume after I’ve Broke stuff.

4 thoughts on “It’s just one of those days

    1. Looking forward to Gripping Beast getting it reprinted. The ‘crescent’ version is hardback and says it’s the same rules. Would I still need to get the original paperback ‘Dark age’ version to use with saxons/vikings?
      I’m not sure how the army lists and battle boards are sold / managed.


      1. Crescent & Cross is effectively version 2 as it incorporates all the tweaks and FAQs from the dark ages versions. You will need the original to get the battleboards unfortunately for Vikings, Saxons are in the Northern Fury supplement.


  1. Saga is good fun. The C&C version has tidied up some of the rules but is fundamentally the same as the dark age rules. The four original factions: vikings, saxons, etc and their boards are in the original book, so if want dark ages and don’t have access to these boards (or scenarios) then you will need Saga Dark Ages.


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