Splashing the Antares paint around

I’ve had an annual leave day so a chance to take a few photos of some of the rushed paint jobs off my desk this week. My paint desk is set up in the “dining room”. If I pass it and feel the urge, I sit down and put a colour or two on something. I rarely get the to sit and paint for hours anymore. Probably my age; shaky hands, dodgy eyesite etc.

I’ve flitted between a few things this week, mostly for Beyond the Gates of Antares, but a few things for Kings of War (or KoW Vanguard). I suppose it’s quite a lot for a week’s worth of painting. I’ll put the KoW terrain up next post.


Drones and a couple of new troopers.





I had a full unit of 6 troops and a spotter drone painted. I think I must have dropped a model on the way to the camera and missed a mag-gun figure off the photo. (I found it on the paint desk later)




Warlord games had sprues of these on sale in the last sprue sale they did. Each sprue had a spotter drone and 8 troops with a variety of equipment on them. Not bad for £2 per sprue. I may or may not have a few awaiting building to start a new Freeborn army. I’ve about finished a squad of 8, but also picked up a few other pieces from eBay – including the Mag cannon I’ve painted – the crew are half done on the paint table. I also got a squad of Vardanari so I could convert the leader into a pistol wielder for a command squad.






There’s a piece of ‘cheap’ mdf terrain  – I think it was a TTcombat piece. It turned out nice, but doesn’t provide much cover. It will probably get used as an objective of some kind.



I feel I’ve flitted between paint jobs this week, but it helps keep me going. If I sit down to do one type of painting, I lose interest – jumping between colour schemes and projects keeps it mixed up enough to get more done.


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